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Greetings Richardson Rattlesnakes:

Welcome back from Summer Vacation!  I hope the summer was filled with interesting adventures and opportunities to relax and recharge. 

The Richardson school site has been alive with activity since our students departed for the Break.  While we experienced some construction throughout the second semester last year, the modernization project really didn’t ramp up fully until this summer.  Thanks to Bond Measures T and U, we have two brand new state of the art science labs that our students will finally get to experience once school starts. Our entire campus has undergone major Modernization, including new roofing, new reflective windows, new concrete pathways, new paint, new lights, and many more improvements that will enhance the learning environment for all of our students. 

While things are going right down to the wire with our Modernization project, RMS will be ready to welcome the students back by the time the first bell rings. The renovations in some cases have taken longer than originally anticipated.  Great care has been spent to make sure the job is being done right – for the safety of our students and the longevity of the Richardson campus.

Watching our Modernization project evolve throughout the summer reminds me of the growth all of our students experience.  Each student develops in his or her own unique way.  Progress can happen very quickly and easily in some academic areas while being a little slower to develop in others.  Just like the construction process happening on the RMS campus, it is important to build solid foundations.  Your student’s experiences in elementary school set the foundation upon which we build in middle school.  Our goal here at Richardson is to make sure we are setting solid academic foundations for your child’s future success in high school.  Richardson teachers in all subject areas go to great lengths to make sure they are providing your students with the knowledge and skills necessary for creating a solid framework for achievement at the next level.

Parents will play a major role in creating this strong academic foundation in middle school.  It is important to guide your child in working through his or her educational process.  Reading, writing, math problems, studying, and any other independent practice that may take place at home throughout the school year, should be approached with attention and care.  Just like our Modernization project, your child’s development of his/her knowledge and understanding is not something to be rushed through.  Great care and attention is needed in approaching the middle school curriculum at home. You can assist in this process by checking in with your children about what they are learning in their classes.  Ask them questions.  Ask them to teach you what they learned.  In spite of what some of them may say, I can assure you that chances are very good that much more than “not much” happens at Richardson Middle School each and every day.

Of note to begin the school year, our Assistant Principal, Krystal Alcala will be on maternity leave for the first couple of months and spending time with her baby boy – who patiently waited until the end of last school year to be born.  We will be joined by Ian McCullen, a TUSD Program Specialist, as Interim Assistant Principal until Krystal returns – bringing on another Ian just to add another layer of confusion.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding as we prepared for the beginning of this school year.  Distributing registration packets at another school site, postponing our Registration by a week, and then fitting it into the one oasis within the construction zone was certainly less than ideal.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 26th.


Ian Drummond


Richardson Middle School